Kong Armor saves Lawrenceburg IN deck with Peeling Deck Paint and weathered wood ❗


Kong Armor ® Can Restore and save any Deck System !

A Lawrenceburg Indiana Deck with extreme weathering, sun damage , peeling deck paint and maintenance issues before Encapsulation with Kong Armor Lifetime Deck Armor and it's deck restoration painters
A deck in Lawrenceburg Indiana close to Hidden Valley lake that suffered from peeling deck paint, extreme weathering , or what Kong Armor calls ” Ugly Deck Syndrome”

KONG’s a immensely powerful deck resurfacing coating. And it made easy work of Encapsulating and Locking Down the peeling deck paint of this Tri-state deck.

We were able to come in and completely resurface it , fill in almost all of its cracks and nail and screw entry points. This brought it back to life. Leaving the deck with a new thick-build full bodied insanely tough armor coating system that was just gorgeous.

same deck pictured above after the peeling deck paint was encapsulated and locked down and the entire deck resurfaced and restored via Kong Armor ® and it’s #deckrestorationpainters #deckrescuepainters

Because we have this ultra thick elastic industrial deck coating were able to come in and really use it to the customers advantage by pressing it into cracks and openings in the decks . This Locks out water , and not only that ! But, it creates a really full bodied thick beautiful almost synthetic look that is hard for thin residential deck paints and stains to replicate.

When we encapsulate a deck that is in this bad of a condition before hand , we will label it as ” Deck Rescue Painting “. A powerful solution for deck owners with badly weathered decks. It pairs washing , repair , and our Lifetime Deck Armor in one service. Eliminating the need for the homeowner to embrace several contractors or companies to restore and protect their deck.

We can get all their maintenance and deck repairs done for them and their deck protected for life in one shot! The deck here in Lawrenceburg Indiana got cleaned extremely well. Had multiple floor boards replaced , spindles replaced , loose nails and screws set down, and got its large post cracks filled with our special silverback epoxy that locks out water and cures harder than concrete. 1000x times better than caulk. Then once all that was completed it was encapsulated with the Kong Armor Lifetime Deck Armor System.

The Advantages of Kong Armor for these deck owners was huge! Very money saving and valuable. They avoided sanding or chemical peel of their decks peeling deck paint. Thanks to Kong Armor’s ability as a coating system to encapsulate and lockdown peeling deck paint.

They also go their frayed wood and splinters #encapsulated and resurfaced to a smooth gorgeous finish. The deck resurfaced amazingly . The #splinterlock ability of Kong is unmatched by any other deck coating on the planet. Resurfaced and gorgeous and Kong’s film will act to prevent them or their children or family from getting splinter injuries. This deck finished almost like a brand new composite deck when it was done.

outside of Lawrenceburg Indiana Deck with peeling deck paint frayed wood , and sun damage . This is before kong armor deck painters encapsulation with their lifetime deck armor resurface thick paint
Clearly you can see the outside of this deck was inundated with peeling deck paint and frayed weathered wood before Kong Armor and it’s Deck Rescue painters performed encapsulation
outside of Lawrenceburg Indiana deck with peeling deck paint, sun damage , frayed wood . weathered wood , after encapsulation with Kong Armor thick deck restore paint coating . Its thick and gorgeous and fully restored now beautiful, Kong Armor's deck paint is industrial and tough. #deckpainters
The difference is night and day after encapsulation wth Kong Armor. Our Deck Rescue Painters successfully locked down the peeling deck paint under thick-build layers of Kong… its gorgeous. Beats the looks of many new decks

The value adds up when you consider all of Kong Armor’s features. Too numerous to list in one article , but lets just look at two of them : _ Lifetime Limited Warranty and Lifetime Service Promise _ both unmatched by anything close to competition we may have . We dont have any competition , nobody does what we do. But when you add these two features together it creates a Deck Armor System than never has to be completely re-applicated or coated again. A Lifetime Deck Armor System, the customer saves all that money from years of not having to paint or stain their deck annually. The worst they may face in the future is cleaning and maybe a repair to the system if ever needed. Huge savings!

Your talking about a amazingly powerful solution to resurface and bring decks back to life ! That saves the customer from replacement in the front end , and saves them long-term deck painting or staining costs over years of ownership on the back end.

a newly armor Painted Kong Armor Lifetime deck armor system with a Service Plaque with the companies logo name phone number and website if the customer needs future help with their system under warranty or service
We add a service plaque to all of our Lifetime Deck Armor system so the owners have our contact info right on the side of their deck. We never leave them and stay with them for life of ownership to provide warranty repair or service repair if needed. Also they have access to us for annual washing or even deck repair in some cases with vip customers of ours. We stay with them. We dont take advantage of them. They just need someone to help them protect their decks, not take advantage of them with thin coatings that wont last two months, Kong is the real deal !

A real solution! Not some thin residential deck paint or stain applied by a guy who paints decks once in a blue moon. Kong Armor knows how to resurface and restore and Armor protect decks #4life . No Matter the decks condition chances are we can save it, and it’s owners thousands in Costs over other options.

Anyone that needs their decks rescued or restored from peeling deck paint. Or ugly deck syndrome can easily get a free Quote from Kong Armor ! We service the entire Northern Kentucky – Cincinnati Tristate area. Simply press the ( Get Quote ) button on the front page of our website.

But here is a direct link to our scheduling page if you would like to sign up now!


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