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Shade effects decks dramatically. I’ve learned this over the years. Especially decks that have reactive deck screws or nails…. meaning they will rust if exposed to moisture constantly.

Shade cast shadows, shadows keep areas cool and moist and cause water to hang out longer than it should. In return deck screws rust, then the wood reacts with that rust and rot begins to infest the wood. It’s called the Rust-To-Rot Cycle and at Kong Armor ™ we are very familiar with it. We are also familiar with resolving it. Not for a couple more years or just to get the customer by for another season. No No, for good!

How do we solve the problem:

1) Eliminate the Reactive Fasteners, by switching the deck over to stainless steel deck screws when a board rots or expires, we eliminate the risk of the same problem occuring again.

2) We educate the deck owner on the items they place on their deck that will cause shade, reduced airflow and may lead to more future rust-to rot.

3) Utilizing A high-build Deck Coating Like Kong Armor (world’s toughest deck armor) that can cover over nail and screw entry holes and reduce the risk or dramatically arrest the progress of fastener corrosion. Physical Barrier Protection that locks out moisture from entering deck post cracks and nail and screw entry holes.

4) Once we have the deck restored and coated in Kong Armor ™ which is a Lifetime Deck Coating System we stay with the deck owner and provide service, warranty, support for life. Kong Armor ™

System owners have access locally here in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Southeast Indiana, And Dayton Ohio to our Deck Restoration Painters and Deck Rescue Painters for life of ownership.

So if they do have problems or a board that goes bad, we can intervene help them and swap it out and use stainless steel, over time we can change their future care envelope and cost and drastically reduce their life of ownership maintenance and upkeep cost.

This keeps things strong, healthy, protected and beautiful and creates a situation where the deck owner never has to embrace replacement, or completely painting, staining, refinishing, resurfacing of their deck again.

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Deck Joist Rot, Deck Board Rot is common in the Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Southeast Indiana, Dayton Ohio metro area. It is easily and affordably fixed if you hire the right Contractor. A Deck Restoration and Resurfacing Professional or Company. Now if you go looking for a carpenter or Deck Builder its Likely your going to get talked into a Bigger Deal Like replacement. There job is to sell you deck replacement. YOU DONT NEED IT> Most all Decks in the area regardless of their rot, degradation, etc can be fully restored and made indefinitely strong and viable again within just a couple hours of crew style deck repair. THATS WHY OUR FOREFATHERS BUILT WITH PINE WOOD,,,, it last a long time, its affordable, and can easily be replaced. DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR WOOD DECK FOR SOMETHING MORE BURDENSOME> CLICK HERE INSTEAD


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