The use of thin residential deck paints and stains is a giant waste of money for Cincinnati Tristate area decks.

In Fact it leads to such a High- Maintenance profile and cost for the structure owner, It is amazing that they continue to embrace them in the face of other options.

Today we are going to go over the benefits of Kong Armor ® Lifetime Deck Armor and it’s High-Stretch capabilities.

Lets not waste any time , and jump right in!

Kong Armor is a Industrial grade, Ultra Tough, Lifetime Deck Armor System that has many amazing features, abilities, benefits. It is readily available to Cincinnati- Northern Kentucky Deck, Dock, Fence, and backyard structure owners.

One of it’s amazing features is its High-Stretch characteristics is; Kong can elongate or expand up to 300% and contract right back to normal.

This does huge things when we talk about Providing Lifetime, Low-maintenance cost for deck owners. As well, it creates amazingly better protection, application, adhesion, and more!


1}Flexibility and Crack Resistance:

Kong’s high-stretch capabilities are designed to accommodate the movement and expansion of the surface(deck) it’s applied to. This flexibility helps prevent cracks and fractures that may occur due to temperature changes, structural movement, or other external factors. It creates a Absurdly tough and durable coating that’s long lasting and easy to maintain.


The ability to stretch and contract without cracking or peeling enhances the coating’s overall durability and longevity. It ensures that the protective armor coating remains intact even when subjected to varying environmental conditions.

3}Waterproofing and Moisture Protection:

The High-Stretch Kong Armor Lifetime Deck Armor System can create a seamless and tightly sealed surface, making it ideal for waterproofing applications. Kong Armor can prevent water infiltration and protect underlying structures from water damage. Which is crazy important. More so than most deck owner know!

4}Adaptability to Irregular Surfaces:

Surfaces such as decks, Pergolas, Docks, Fences, and backyard structures may have uneven or irregular contours. A high-stretch coating can conform to these surfaces, providing a uniform protective layer regardless of the substrate’s shape. This gives us a distinct and powerful advantage in our Industry (Deck Painting, Deck Resurfacing) Because we are constantly taking on non-perfect substrates and surfaces. It allows us to adapt to what our customers have. #ADAPTABILITY

5}Reduced Very Low Maintenance:

Kong Armor requires less maintenance because it is not prone to cracking and degradation. This can lead to cost savings and fewer maintenance efforts over time. A coating system that can be simply washed and spot touched up to be made fully viable again; for years and years on end. Super Insanely low maintenance cost and savings as the deck owner avoids completely painting or staining their structure ever again. In reality Kong Armor pays the customer back several times via savings.

6}UV Resistance:

Our High-Stretch Coating is thick and by default provides really great UV resistance, protecting the underlying deck surface from the damaging effects of sunlight exposure. The Uv Spectrum cannot penetrate all the way through Kong’s Thick #highbuild #highstretch film to cause adhesion damage. Again, cutting down the maintenance profile for the customer. Saving them Money

7}Ease of Application:

Kong is more forgiving during the application process. Their flexibility can allow for better coverage and adhesion, even in challenging application scenarios. Meaning, we do not need perfect conditions like thin deck paints and stains. Our Coating is designed to be in the rough. It’s designed for challenging applications. It’s designed to grab adhesion in places most coatings would not or can’t. ITS DESIGNED FOR DECKS AND ESPECIALLY OLD WEATHERED DECKS WITH PEELING PAINT. IT CAN ENCAPSULATE THEM VERY EASILY WITHOUT ALL THE PREPATORY WORK OF THE INFERIOR COATINGS IN THE DECK REFINISHING SEGMENT<

Look we could go on with listing the benefits of Kong’s High-Stretch capabilities forever and ever. The feature creates and leads to so many advantages and other features that a entire book or books could be written on the subject. {literally}!

But we know that is boring, you just want the “Headlines”

Well here is one for ya

Kong Armor is the toughest, Highest-Stretch. Most Feature Rich. Deck Armor Coating System Available to Man right Now”

and the company will back up that claim locally for life via :

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Lifetime Service Promise

Available via Professional Application by Kong Armor #deckrestorationpainters #deckrescuepainters #deckarmorpainters in the Cincinnati- Northern Kentucky – Southeast Indiana Tristate area

Restoration and Repair Included ( we can restore or repair any deck)

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*Lifetime Deck Armor- Kong Armor is a Professionally applied Industrial Deck Coating system that comes with locally backed full-Service Care, Maintenance, Support, and A lifetime Limited Warranty. It’s a unique and valuable offering that saves intelligent deck owners thousands of dollars over the life of deck ownership and pays for itself typically several times over via its low Maintenance profile and the deck owner never having to completely paint or stain their deck again/ avoiding the viscous cycle and fairy tales.


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