Why you should not wait a year to protect your new deck!


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Most Deck Builders and other Professionals will tell you to wait 6 months to a Year before protecting your newly built wood deck. The reasons for this is to allow the pressure treatment to escape the planks of the structure. Not doing so can cause whatever deck paint you do apply to have adhesion failure, bubbling, peeling. All they know is the paints and stains they are aware of fail if applied early to pressure treated lumber. But what a drastic mistake it is to wait up to a year!

Everyone has a opinion on how long you should wait and any two people you talk to will tell you very different answers. In the Video attached I go over why YOU SHOULD NEVER WAIT A YEAR OR MORE! Also, I go over the Kong Armor ™ Lifetime Deck Armor Systems ability to Coat and Armor Protect New Wood Decks soon after they are built.

Kong Armor ™ is not thin residential deck paint or stain. It is a Industrial Grade – High Build – High Stretch – Absurdly Adhesive – Stupid Tough – Elastic Deck Armor. Unlike cheap thin residential deck paints and stains it has the proven ability to grab adhesion to New Pressure Treated Lumber in just 45 to 60 days. The benefits of that can save the deck owner tens of thousands in future Deck Restoration and Maintenance Cost by avoiding Fastener Corrosion!


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