Penetrating Stains and Sealers fall short of Providing Real Protection for Cincinnati area Decks


#physicalbarrier protection for decks and backyard structures is vital. Yes even for composite. Why do you 🤔 think they cap the new composite ?

Becuase without a #physicalbarrier between the plank/board and mother nature. It’s ballgame we don’t even need to play past the first couple innings to declare a winner.

It will be mother nature 🌬💨

Uv Rays and the Rust to Rot cycle caused by water 💧 intrusion and the onset of rusty nails and screws will end your decks life. It has to be #physicalbarrier, it has to be #thickbuild and it has to be NOW.

Penetrating stains, Penetrating Sealers – I have nothing bad to say about them. Great product for indoors. Won’t work outdoors.

How do we know this? Well your decks wood is already treated with the best corrosion and rotten resistance on the planet driven into your planks via pressure treatment.

What we know is …. it fails miserably to stop the #degradation and #rusttorot cycle without help from a outside barrier.

A coating….

you can skate around it all you want. You can say this and say that..

A few years back a large coatings manufacturer got sued by a bunch of people who basically applied their paint and then never cared for their Decks again.

A bs lawsuit brought on by money hungry lawyers. Anyhow, they paid 💵💵💵 these ” deck coatings experts” ( a couple of painters that stain and paint 3 decks a year) a couple handful their whole lives) to take the stand and bear witness to how superior #penetratingsealers were for decks than paint or coatings. #nonsense.

Just like all things the lawyers walked with big heavy heavy bags of cash 💸 💰 and the deck owners got a couple of bucks and a replacement coating for x years if they registered in x amount of time.

There is a simple path to never completely painting or staining your deck system again.

It’s called Kong Armor 🦍 Lifetime Deck Armor. #physicalbarrier #highbuild #highstretch #ultratough locally warrantied and locally serviced for life via the very same guys that apply it time and time again. #deckencapsulationcoating #permanentdeckcoating .

You can continue down the viscous cycle. Or you can let me show you a better path..


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