Dilapidated Deck in Northern Kentucky is Restored and Resurfaced. And it’s must See !

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Most of the Time when we think of Decks that refinish or resurface front of magazine beautiful ……

There usually not dilapidated and extremely weathered like the Northern Kentucky deck pictured below.

I’m a realist. I see things for what they are. I’ve restored and coated between 2800 to 3200 decks in the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky area in the last 12 years. Most of them will never see the type of beauty that is jaw dropping and professional photography worthy.

And nobody expects it. They just want their Decks to be well protected and beautiful. So they can enjoy them and keep up with the jones’s.

Well, this deck that we just restored and Encapsulated in Kong Armor TM ️ Lifetime Deck Armor in Crescent Springs, KY. It’s jaw dropping gorgeous. And likely one of the most beautiful refinished /resurfaced decks to come out of this area of the Nation in a Long time.

It came a long way to get the stunning #highbuild beauty that it has now. We took it through the Deck Rescue Painting Process , A process I designed to save Northern Kentucky -Cincinnati – SouthEast Indiana area decks and backyard structures from dilapidation / extreme weathering. It combines the Worlds Toughest , Most Advanced , Feature Rich , Deck Armor Coating System. With Professional Cleaning and Full Restoration and Repair. You Can Read About this amazing Service Here >>>> Deck Rescue Painting

image displays what deck looks like in the middle of Kong Armor's Deck Rescue Painting Process, It shows a deck with all of its bad and rotten boards replaced by new ones , retaining the older planks that are still viable, and on this particular deck it shows that the deck rescue painters have replaced all the rail cap top boards , likely from severe weathering.
The Deck was washed and then the same day we moved in and replaced all the bad boards and planks, and only what was bad and rotten. We have the Worlds most Powerful Resurface coating in Kong Armor if the planks have life left and no sign of failure, we can easily resurface them allowing the deck owner to save significantly financially.

In this post I’m not going to spend a lot of time pushing Kong Armor and our Deck Rescue Painting process , and our Lifetime Deck Armor System. I simply want to show this project without a lot of begging for work and ad copy intertwined in the post.

I don’t want to take away from the beauty of this deck armor system .

It’s absurdly beautiful and Quality Needs no hype man. As the truth needs no introduction.

So with that being said here are some completion photos. Both from the sky provided by the Kong Armor Dji Drone. As well shots from the ground.

Picture shows the Deck Rescue Painting project discussed in the blog post completed and the deck is pictured in aerial view from above, its full resurfaced and incredibly gorgeous with a High Build , Thick Coating over its entirety that Dark brown and just stunning. All the old Weathered wood has been resurfaced and encapsulated in the kong armor thick deck resurface coating and its covered over and filled in virtually every crack and nail and screw hole giving the deck a nice new uniform clean fresh surface that looks synthetic and composite like. you can tell that the deck painters who performed the resurfacing did amazing work. its just so beautiful. Its what everyone would want their deck to look like is the best way to describe it.
Kong Armor is such a powerful deck resurface and encapsulation coating that you cannot tell really the old wood from the new wood that was added. It allows us to save the life of decks that others would tear down. And that is awesome because most pine deck wood that is weathered and replaced on average has over 20 yrs of life left. In other words, its replaced simply because of the surface damage. Well we can eliminate that.

It’s beautiful and stunning from any angle.

There is no reason if you know about Kong Armor and all the features and benefits that come with it to even contemplate replacement if your decks in dilapidated condition. Or extremely weathered.

We can absolutely save your deck. Our coating is the best and Toughest Deck resurfacing and encapsulation coating on the planet today.

We can fully restore and repair your deck regardless of its current condition.

Our coating system is Proprietary and backed locally here in the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Tri State area via:

Lifetime Limited Warranty


Lifetime Service Promise.

Never completely paint or stain your deck or backyard structure again.

Click the button below to get a free quote !

Or don’t ! Either way, we are going to continue to leave a wake of fully restored, Supremely Protected , Drop dead Gorgeous Deck Armor systems in our rear view.

The best quality coated decks in the world today. That’s what we’re producing right now.

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