Never Completely Paint or Stain your deck again!

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A Kong Armor Lifetime Deck Armor System in Ghent KY say good bye to deck painting and staining
Picture of A Kong Armor Lifetime Deck Armor System in Northern Kentucky

How often do you paint or stain your deck system?

For most deck owners , they need to paint or stain their deck systems at least every other season.

Now I want to tell you something SAD! It’s a giant waste of money and time. Especially if you live in the Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati Tri-state Area.

There are a wide variety of reasons why.

Read on and ILL tell you about them. I have to warn you though!! You will likely be let down. Once you know the truth about your deck and why painting or staining it with thin residential coatings will never provided it one ounce of protection.

You will not feel great about the time and money you wasted.

However, Later in this article. ILL tell you about a amazing solution that will prevent you from ever facing deck painting or staining again! A Lifetime Solution! So hang in there. Lets Go!

You will only see perfect new decks- in deck staining photos.


photo demonstrates a man staining a deck system with super healthy deck floor boards .
Homeowner or painter applying thin residential stain to a deck that has no surface imperfections or no cracks whatsoever! you can clearly see that it offers no protection for screw entry points Leaving them exposed. This is bad news.

Deck stain can make decks look great. It lets the woods grain and knots remain visible . It even highlights them and makes them look rich and beautiful. But, if you notice .

You will rarely see a professional picture or advertisement for deck stain that features boards that have cracks or that are weathered. The pictures are almost always of beautiful pristine deck planks.

Here is the problem ! Our decks here in the Cincinnati- Northern Kentucky Tristate area are subject to expansion and contraction cycles . Decks and other outdoor structures like gazebos , pergolas are constantly swelling and contracting.

These cycles are brought on by relative humidity. Essentially the moisture in the air. The humidity fluctuates up and down as cold and warm fronts pass through our area. Our decks here draw in moisture when the relative humidity is high. This causes them to expand. That moisture escapes when the relative humidity drops and the air has room to hold it. This causes them to contract.

This expansion and contraction cycle never ends. Eventually with time , it opens cracks in our deck boards. Both hairline and larger cracks as well.

So our wood here locally, and especially our deck boards are almost always not in pristine condition. They have lots of water entry points.

Deck Stain fails to address the resurfacing of these cracks and create water-lock .

It is not thick enough to use as a resurface coating.

Thin residential deck stains that deck owners buy and apply to their decks locally , actually cause more damage than protection. It allows water to enter cracks and make it’s way to screws and nails . In return this causes rust , the wood of your deck reacts because it has a small mineral content. And within a couple seasons you have rotten boards.

Now , this is just one damaging reason that stain is just a waste of money for exterior decks here in the area. Anywhere really to be honest. I have over a dozen more reasons . I won’t go into them all or it would make this article very long and boring . They Include:

Having absolutely zero uv ray deflection , or any thickness to combat the rays!

No ability to expand and contract and keep up with movement

No ability to cover nail and screw entry points

Inability to handle abrasion

Not Being Rated to walk on !

Not Creating true Water-Lock

Hard to touch up or blend out in the future

No ability to last longer than one year

Thinner than 1/10 of a sheet of printer paper

The Truth is plain to see. Stain is a interior coating that has zero business protecting exterior wood !

The Pictures that you see, Online and in magazines. Beautifully stained decks with pretty brand new boards that have a wet clean look are a joke. It is not reality.

They are showing you what you want to see. You want your deck to look like that. Problem is your deck is real. And it’s in a battle with movement and water daily. Stain will never work.



What about Deck Paint is it better? Better?

A picture of a deck in Anderson Township Cincinnati Ohio with peeling deck paint. It has some value to protect your deck , but not much! this picture demonstrates deck paint failure from sun damage uv rays and expansion and contraction , and water entry.
A Deck system in Anderson Township Cincinnati Ohio that has a peeling deck paint problem. The sun and heat combined with its damaging UV RAYS , expansion and contraction cycles from humidity , and water has taken its toll after just a couple seasons. Wasted Money\\

Deck Paint is a better choice than stain here locally in the tristate. However Better does not mean best. And let me tell you it falls massively short on providing any type of long-term protection. It’s better in the way of having at least some minor abilities to fill cracks. To cover entry points. Also it does add a thin layer of film over your planks / boards that can lock out water somewhat.

Deck Paint is a step up from deck stain. At least, in this area of the nation. It also has some other advantages. Like UV RAY deflection and advance resin technologies that can provide temperature reduction. It is a solid film. You can expect it too last a little longer than deck stain . And provide minimal protection. Enough to get by for a season usually.

Ultimately though , even though it does provide some minimal protection and other advantages. Deck paint is a thin residential paint , made cheaply and designed to fail. So that you need to purchase more. How it fails is very much like Deck stain. It’s not capable of very much expansion and contraction. Water gets into cracks causes adhesion problems, foot traffic makes this worse . Finally it begins to crack , peel , and in some cases even just rub off, or disintegrate similar to deck stain.

If you have ever protected your deck with deck paint , you likely got 30 to 45 days of poor protection for some areas of your deck. It likely never provided you anywhere near your time or money investment in the form of true preservation.


!! A Superior Option !!

Picture shows a absolutely stunningly gorgeous newly armor coated deck system . or what some people may call painted deck system. The Coating is thick and full bodied and gorgeous and has a very pretty synthetic appearance almost like composite. very rich in appearance. You can tell the deck is layered heavily in this coating. the call it Kong Armor.  It's the worlds toughest deck armor
A Lifetime Deck Armor System from Kong Armor on the West side of Cincinnati Ohio. It’s full bodied thick synthetic appearance is gorgeous, and the protection it offers deck systems is second to no coating on earth.

Now I want to introduce you to a real protective coating system for decks. It’s name is { Kong Armor }. Up to 30x thicker than thin residential deck paints and stains. Kong Armor has a amazing true elastomer base. Which allows it to expand and contract to values up to 300%. Which is way more than typical wood movement of 10%-80%. What this means in short , is Kong Armor can keep up with your decks expansion and contraction caused by heat and relative humidity that we talked about earlier in this article.

It gets even better when we talk about Kong’s ability to fill in cracks, gaps , and nail and screw entry point holes. It’s amazingly thick. Thanks to a process called acrylic-crosslinking. Thick-Build and stout it can be smashed into cracks , gaps and entry points and completely fill them over and close them off. You want to talk about Value. That’s incredibly valuable to a deck owner. And if Kong Armor had no other features. This alone would make it highly sought after. Because the coatings available today on the market for the large part are not capable of this feat.

Pay close attention to the floor notice something unique? For the large part most of the decks screw or nail entry holes are closed off. We are talking unmatched value. You will not get this from thin residential deck paints or stains applied diy or by a local painting contractor.

It gets even better , Kong Armor has some special powers. It can Lock-down and encapsulate decks with peeling deck paints and disintegrating stains. Without the need for Sanding or Chemical Peels. Preventing deck owners from having to embrace replacement for say there floors. Or at minimum. It saves them from drastic high labor restoration costs from sanding etc. And listen Kong Armor can lockdown even thick deck rescue coatings like Behr DeckOver , Rustoluem Restore , Restore 10x , Cabot Deck Correct and more. In fact we have yet to find a deck coating or paint / stain that we cannot lockdown and encapsulate after proper preparation. Now I want you to think about the value of this feature , and how much it could save a family if they are living with a deck or outdoor structure with peeling paint. The savings can be massive!

pool deck in Cincinnati ohio with peeling deck paint picture shows before and after being painted with kong Armor thick deck resurface paint
A Cincinnati, Ohio Pool deck that was inundated with peeling behr deckover before and after #lockdown #encapsulation by Kong Armor and its #deckrescuepainters

So already I’ve shown you that Kong Armor is a superior solution to deck staining and deck painting with thin Residential Deck Paints and stains …..

But, lets take you further into it’s advantages . So that you can understand the truth. Remember earlier I told you that water will make its way into your exposed cracks and to your decks fasteners ( screws and nails) if you use thin residential deck paints and stains? Without True #waterlock your doomed to take on restoration at some point. I want to tell you about the advanced resin technology we incorporated in Kong Armor to combat water. We designed Kong to shed water like a duck. More specifically we designed it to shed water as quickly as possible!

We accomplished this via a film formula using highly advanced first class water-borne resins that cause water to bead.

Notice How The water is forming heavy droplet beads on the surface of Kong Armor. Once the droplet gets heavy enough it falls straight down and off the deck #beadanddroptechnology

Within a few seconds these beads get too heavy to rest on a surface and it causes them to slide and travel. Gravity pulls them down and off the deck system. We call this Bead-and-Drop technology. Now remember with Kong Armor your cracks for the most part are filled in , and your decks nail and screw entry points are filled in. So when these beads travel they will slide right over top of those areas and keep going. Now with other thin deck paints and stains, they water will slide into these areas and rest . Taking days or weeks to completely dry-out. Bead-and-Drop technology keeps the water moving via momentum. It’s a superior water-proofing .It’s true #waterlock for your deck. And over years it will save you thousands of dollars.

Let’s Quickly touch base on Kong Armor’s toughness !!

We designed Kong Armor ultra thick , but not just to be able to fill in cracks and resurface , nor to only lockdown and encapsulate frayed wood , splinters, and peeling deck paints. We did this because we know your decks #1 enemy well. It’s a combination of the Sun’s UV rays and your foot traffic that ultimately will cause damage to your decks coating system as far as wear and tear is concerned.

So it is not rocket science to determine that the thicker a deck coating is the better it will handle the Sun’s Uv Rays . You see, the UV RAYS penetrate thin films and cause adhesion damage to them. Then your foot traffic and wear finishes off and completes the damage. So if we can cut down on that UV Damage , then we can limit the amount of damage your foot traffic causes via good adhesion.

Our film is ultra thick to stop UV Ray penetration , to take on abrasions and scuffs , and mother nature in general. We’ve loaded it with the thickest toughest elastic polymers , and world class UV -Blockers that act like tiny mirrors throughout the film to deflect UV Rays back into the atmosphere.

We are simply positive that you will not find another coating that will outlast it. In fact we designed it to last you through the life of ownership of your deck!

We believe in Kong Armor so much that we built a business around it ! Or well let’s say the demand for Kong by local Northern kentucky- Cincinnati tristate deck owners built a business around this coating system. Their belief in us , fueled us to Warranty Kong Armor #4life . Not only that , we also gave our customers a Lifetime Service Promise. Two Programs that run parallel two each other through life of ownership. They give Kong Armor customers the ability to #regenerate their Lifetime Deck Armor Systems at anytime . Either under Warranty or affordable service for damage that’s not the fault of the company. This creates a true Lifetime Deck coating system. And the ability for the customer to never ever completely paint or stain their deck again.

logo that shows Kong Armor deck restoration painters proprietary deck armor system has a Lifetime Limited Warranty
Two Programs that run side by side during the life of ownership of Kong Armor , Warranty and Regeneration enable the homeowner to keep the coating system Intact if damage does occur. They are locally serviced and maintained. No 1-800-WAIT-ON -HOLD numbers or poor customer service. Kong Armor stays with its Lifetime Deck Armor System owners for Life!

Get Kong Armor and it’s Deck Restoration Painters to restore and Armor your Deck For Life !

So finally I want to tell you how you can get a free quote for Kong Armor. Also I am going to give you a gift.

Lets Start With The Gift !

If you choose Kong Armor to restore and coat your deck with its Lifetime Deck Armor in 2023. Present a Paper or digital copy of this article/blog post and receive 10% off. Now here is what is important. To make sure that the discount is true , do not mention it until after you receive your FREE QUOTE! We cannot combine it with any other offer. And it’s likely that some exclusions apply. But for the most part this is a good discount that will be beneficial to those who read this post and want true protection for their deck or other outdoor structure. Remember we also paint docks, gazebos, pergolas etc. with our Lifetime Deck Armor.

The Free Quote itself is Extremely easy to get . In fact it takes less than 30 secs to sign up !

For those who want to Call And Chat we got that covered as well! You can call 859-815-0652.


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