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This Pool Deck in Bethel Ohio was extremely behind on care and maintenance. Which is common.

It had rotten boards, extreme sun damage, thousands of cracks, loose wobbly deck rails, rusty screws and nails, and peeling deck paint(badly)

Kong Armor is notorious for our thick-build, high-stretch, world’s toughest deck armor and its ability to #lockdown and #encapsulate peeling deck paints and disintegrating flaking deck stains. Without the need for sanding, chemical peels. or any other high-labor, high-cost preparations that force most deck owners into choosing replacement for lack of quality and economical resurfacing solutions.

Kong’s industrial grade formula bridges over loose and peeling paints and encapsulate them, its high build and thick bodied armor coating technology is so heavy bodied with insane adhesion that nothing stands a chance of surviving its encapsulation. Everything is PLASTERED Down or what we call Locked Down under immense adhesion and then Subsequent heavy thick layers of additionally coating.

Unlike thin residential deck paints and stains it doesn’t need a perfectly clean sound surface. Although we almost always achieve that anyways. It’s specifically designed to handle challenging substrates that have peeling paints, and loose frayed area, unevenness etc.

In other words, It is designed for the job.

So, what we did here was we brought the Deck Restoration Painters of Kong Armor in and went to work immediately Cleaning the deck and removing any and all the loose paint from it.

After that we performed general maintenance and replaced all the decks bad and rotten boards, tightened up loose rails etc. So, Kong Armor comes with full Restoration and Repair…. Thats why they call us Deck Restoration Painters or Deck Rescue Painters.

Loose Nails and Screws were set down, Braces Were added to the deck

The World’s Toughest Deck Post Crack Filler and General Repair Epoxy SilverBack Epoxy ™ was brought in and injected into all the large deck post cracks(checking), ugly large knots, voids, and surface imperfections. It’s an incredible feature of our service. It Closes off large water opening and ugly surface imperfections for good. SilverBack Epoxy Cure 3x to 5x harder than Concrete, has immense adhesion and absurd psi or movement resistance. With the ability to actually stay tough and strong and keep cracks closed. 7k to 10k psi resistance and a mean attitude that closes off cracks and openings and says “you’re Staying Shut” …. it’s bad to the bone stuff. You can think of it like our filler. Except we don’t use cheap caulk…. ours is called SilverBack Epoxy the World’s Toughest. Nobody can match it.

After all that was done, we brought in the #thickbuild #highbuild #highstretch #insanelytough and #versatile @KongArmor Lifetime Deck Armor System and Performed Peeling Deck Paint Lockdown Encapsulation.

picture image of a logo in Kong Armor ™ brand colors. its a word logo that reads "peeling deck paint Lockdown Encapsulation"

Kong Armor ™ made short and easy work of Locking Down the Peeling failed paint on this Bethel, Ohio Deck System. It was not even a challenge or even any adversity whatsoever. It did it like it was nothing. Because that’s what its Designed to do. That is its purpose.

Its other purpose is to be the World’s Toughest and most Versatile Deck Resurfacing Coating. And it did that here as well. While the Peeling Deck Paint was being Encapsulated simultaneously the deck was resurfaced.

Our Deck Rescue Painters manually pressed into every crack and nail or screw hole and filled them in and over, closing every opening to water off. #truewaterlock . This is huge cause it arrests and dramatically slows down fastener corrosion. Most of you in the tristate have steel nails and screws… So YOU MUST HAVE A PHYSICAL BARRIER OVER THEM TO STOP CORROSION AND RUST BECUASE ITS THAT RUST THAT CAUSES YOU GUYS BOARD ROT.

The local pack of inexperienced handymen, local painters, even other companies who claim to be deck refinishing “PROS” (lol) don’t tell you this and don’t care, they will just slap some thin stain or paint on your deck and leave every crack, nail and screw hole and water opening in your deck wide open…. they don’t have the knowledge, experience or expertise because they only do a couple decks every 4 to 5 years, WOULD U CALL THAT A PRO? Because they don’t have a Warranty or Service Promise or a coating system of their own that they stand behind, they don’t care….. they got your money….. a year later u got another Deck refinishing to complete

Don’t you want to leave that cycle of piss poor protection and quality?

Don’t you want to have a coating system that actually protects your deck, that is actually applied by real deck resurfacing and restoration pros that exclusively refinish 150-300 decks annually. THATS A PRO

Don’t you want a coating system that comes with Locally backed Service, Support, and Warranty so you never have to completely paint, stain, resurface your deck again?

Don’t you want something Better?

Don’t you Want Lifetime Deck Armor? The World’s Toughest, Most Advanced, Feature Rich, and Drop-Dead Gorgeous Deck Armor Coating System on the Planet?

Here is your shot —)

Picture of a Deck that has peeling paint red paint and weathered wood boards, its dirty and its likely a couple of the boards are bad
Move the slider to see before and after image compare!

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