If your deck has PEELING DECK PAINT there is good news ! Great News in fact !
You do not need to embrace deck replacement or any other form of high labor costly removal processes. Like sanding , flipping boards , chemical peeling , sandblasting etc.
Kong Armor is a insanely thick, high-stretch, ultra-tough deck coating. It has the ability to Encapsulate and Lockdown Peeling Deck Paints and Disintegrating, flaking deck stains. 
Kong can do this amazing feat plus simultaneously resurface your deck back to high-build , gorgeous and tough!
And it will save you thousands of dollars over other options to restore your deck from Peeling deck paint or disintegrating flaking stains. 

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We designed Kong Armor specifically to be able to encapsulate peeling deck paints. It’s full bodied , thick tough film is industrial grade. Up to 30x thicker than thin residential deck paints and stains. With Adhesion like no paint or coating you have ever seen. It engulfs decks and encases them in a high stretch, drop dead gorgeous, high-build exoskeleton film. Peeling Deck Paints just stands no chance against it. 
When we coat decks with Kong Armor it is going to engulf everything – peeling deck paints , splinters , bolts , screws , nails, cracks, gaps, holes, knots. Everything encased in a protective coating that’s thick and heavy bodied with such amazing adhesion its never coming back up. The ultimate in deck protection!
Over the past decade we have encapsulated well over two thousand decks and structures with peeling deck paints or a failing stain of some kind. And Kong Armor has been able to hold them all down. 
We are most notorious for Locking down Peeling Behr Deck Over , Peeling Rustoleum Restore / Restore 10x ,  and thick DIY deck rescue coatings. 
But, it makes no difference what is on your deck system we can encapsulate it and save you from replacement and or other silly costly options to deal with the problem. Any peeling deck paint , and disintegrating stain we are certain our Coating is superior and can lock it down.
picture that shows peeling deck paint lockdown encapsulation before and after Kong Armor Deck Restoration Painters Northern kentucky
It’s important to tell you Kong Armor is a Lifetime Deck Armor System . It is a superior Deck Coating in every way imaginable to thin residential deck paints and stains that you have been protecting your deck with. It’s small batch produced with the worlds toughest and most premium polymers. Not made for the general public at large.  
Remember were not talking about encapsulating your peeling deck paint problem here for another season or to get a couple more years out of your deck. Our Deck Armor film is game and ready to protect your deck for life of ownership. 
Once Complete you will have a Kong Armor Lifetime Deck Armor System. And you will be part of our tribe {family} of Deck Owners. Our local dealership here In Northern Kentucky will back your system with Lifetime Limited Warranty , and a Lifetime Service Promise. 
Kong simply needs washed once a year , and spot touched up if ever needed. 
And will stay with you for life of ownership to help you anytime you need it. Which is absurd value. You will save even more as the years drag on and you do not ever need to completely repaint or refinish your deck system again. 
When you are ready to get your deck back from Peeling Deck Paint click the button below sign up for a quote , and will have you a brand new fully restored armor encapsulated deck within 10-13 good weather days of you accepting our proposal. 

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