Amelia , Ohio Deck Painters utilize Kong Armor to Lock Down Peeling Behr Deck Over !



Deck In Amelia , Ohio pictured after pressure washing by Kong Armor Deck Restoration Painters clearly shows a peeling textured version of behr deck over!

This deck system was inundated with peeling behr deck over , a rescue coating or thick resurface coating for decks . Widely popular with DIY enthusiast it a very common finish that can be found on backyard decks across the tristate.

When it peels and fails it leaves the deck owners in a bad spot , it is hard to remove ! Sanding and other chemical peel processes are labor intensive or expensive and deck replacement is even more expensive.

This is where we thrive here at Kong Armor . We have designed our Lifetime Deck Armor to be able to be applied directly over Peeling Behr Deck Over without the need for sanding , or chemical peels. Every year we also save hundreds of deck owners from replacing their deck floors and complete decks from this problem.

We have some proprietary and or trade secret surface preparations that we do in order to make this work , but the real magic is with our coating system , Kong Armor is a industrial grade deck armor , that has something we call #acrylicfusion. Essentially we have bonded the acrylic polymers in it together on a molecular level. It’s all very technical and boring, however if you remember ‘Stretch Armstrong’ the kids toy ? Stretch had #acrylicfusion .

To make a long boring process shorter , this special fusion of the acrylic polymers paired with insane adhesion gives Kong Armor massive thickness and insane stretch and contraction capabilities. More importantly, the ability to {bridge } . In the world of coatings , this means the ability for a paint or coating to grab adhesion around a object and ride over top of it , Locking it in Place! It Creates a encapsulation coating.

And Kong Armor is the best in the world at encapsulating peeling deck paints!

Deck in Amelia Ohio clearly Demonstrates that Kong Armor has locked down the peeling behr deck over and resurfaced the deck. Our Deck Painters have saved another family from deck replacement with our ultra thick and high stretch deck encapsulation coating
The same set of deck stairs pictured above , after #lockdown #encapsualtion with the Kong Armor Lifetime Deck Armor System!

Find out more about Kong Armor and our Peeling Deck Paint Lockdown Encapsulation Service , backed by Lifetime Limited Warranty , and Lifetime Service promise by Signing up For a Free Quote .

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