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This week Kong Armor ™ and it’s Deck Rescue Painters rolled into Morrow, Ohio to save a Deck Floor and it’s Band Boards from replacement.

Disintegrating, flaking thin residential deck stain was the issue on this structure. A Valspar deck stain to be exact. The deck owner applied it last season and already within a calendar year full blown Deck leprosy and Ugly Peeling Deck.

As you will see from the video and pictures below the typical path here for resolution would be days of sanding and preparation in order to Stain or Paint the Deck Again.


We are Deck Rescue Painters with our very own Proprietary Thick-Build, High-Stretch, Ultra-Tough, Lifetime Deck Armor.

Kong Armor is designed to Encapsulate and Lockdown Peeling Deck Paints, Disintegrating, Flaking Deck Stains, Peeling Behr Deck Over type coatings etc. Without the need for costly and extensive high-labor, preparations like Sanding, Chemical Peeling etc.

Our Deck Armor engulfs deck surfaces in high-build, absurdly adhesive layers of elastic polymer and plasters everything down under layers and layers of Industrial Grade Resurfacing Power. Once we roll Kong onto your deck no loose paint or stain is coming back up period.


Just raw unmatched in the industry Resurfacing Power. Every Ounce of Disintegrating, flaking, peeling cheap deck stain gone. Encapsulation- Lockdown.

Customers avoided replacement!

Here is something to consider: Kong left no openings anywhere in the deck floor. So not one nail or screw hole entry point was left open. Not one hairline crack, crack, or any surface openings whatsoever were left open and not closed off. True Water-Lock that actually protects decks and stops fastener corrosion and board rot.

We bet that you cannot find anyone else doing this right now. In fact we are certain. Know why?… It’s hard work!… It’s actual physical labor that takes time and effort. The deck rescue painters of Kong Armor are trained to not stop until this true water-lock is achieved. And it’s a tremendous effort. We know nobody else will deliver that level of protection and Resurfacing. Its a level of resurfacing and encapsulation that has to be trained into the men doing the work. We have taken the time to build that here at Kong Armor. Good luck getting it from a handyman or local painting company. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

Our customers get their money’s worth in protection. We make sure of it! And we believe that is the whole purpose of refinishing and resurfacing decks. Is to actually protect them from the elements that will destroy them. If not what are we doing? Why even do it? We don’t believe in just “making decks pretty again”. We actually protect them. And that is a different ballgame all together.

This tremendous extra effort does something really cool though. It creates a super High-Build, Synthetic Almost Composite Like finish. That’s unmatched anywhere in the deck resurfacing segment. Extra effort produces extra gorgeous decks. That’s always going to be fact. And we know that here at Kong Armor. We know if we use our industrial grade elastic deck armor on residential decks and apply it with extreme extra effort to achieve real water-lock and Armor Protection there will be no competitors to the beauty of our Encapsulated decks.

The customer wins BIG! We win Big! Everyone walks away with a smile!

Kong Armor Remains the only true locally backed Lifetime Deck Armor system via both it’s Lifetime Limited Warranty and Lifetime Service Promise allowing our system owners to never completely paint/stain/resurface their decks again!

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