Picture Gallery of Kong Armor ® Lifetime Deck Armor | Deck Restoration Painters

Here you will find pictures of Completed Decks and backyard structures coated in the Kong Armor Lifetime Deck Armor system by our very own Deck Restoration Painters. As well you will find informational pictures and general pictures of our trade and craft. Enjoy.

Image of a SuperBuild Deck Floor by Kong Armor Deck Rescue Painters
Super-Build is our thickest toughest most sought-after floor protection offering. Look and see if you can find somewhere for water to enter our Armor Encapsulated Floorboards in this picture? Pay attention if you’re shopping for someone to refinish your deck, this is the difference right here. Go look at “their website pictures” and see if they match our level of real protection! THEY DONT!! GO LOOK!
Image of deck thats been restored and resurfaced by a thick and tough yet highly beautiful deck paint called Kong Armor in or Near Cincinnati Ohio
When we utilize Kong Armor to resurface and save a deck from replacement! It pays for itself several times over. Lifetime Deck Armor
Image shows Fairfield Ohio Deck Painting Company did a great job at painting the deck rails without hitting metal spindles
You don’t see any cracks in our deck post! And our deck armor systems largely finish free of gouges and imperfections. Real Beauty! Real Protection! We promise nobody will match it. Cause it takes effort!
Image of a newly resurfaced deck coated in the Kong Armor Lifetime Deck Armor System.
A Newly Armor Encapsulated Deck in Fairfield, Ohio. This was a Peeling Deck Paint Lockdown Encapsulation. Color is Bright Cedar
Image is a deck recently painted by Kong Armor Deck Restoration Painters in their industrial grade deck armor just north of Cincinnati
Ultra-Thick and Insanely Tough, Kong Armor leaves nothing to be desired in the looks department like most thick deck resurface coatings
Skull Island Brown deck color from Kong Armor Deck Painters is displayed both in the sun and shade. A dark brown with very very slight hue of purple
A stunningly gorgeous high-build , high-stretch , Kong Armor Lifetime Deck Armor system in Cincinnati Ohio. Color is KY Cabin
Bead And Drop Technology thanks to Advance Resin Technology that is miles ahead of Residential Deck Paints, Even Composite Decking in our Opinion. Water Beads upon impact. The beads gather more water, grow heavier, and slide down and off the deck. Our Systems Dry Faster! Cause water does not rest or absorb into them. It cannot penetrate our Thick-Build Industrial Armor Film. The less water your deck takes in, the longer its life will be. {#fact} We got the best #waterlock in the world on decks and outdoor structures. Anyone dare Challenge? Let’s break out the moisture meters and get it on. REAL PROTECTION _ REAL VALUE FOR OUR SYTEM OWNERS!
Kong Armor’s Thick-Build, Industrial Grade, High-Stretch film proves once again that it makes short work of Locking Down Peeling Deck Paint. Simultaneously it resurfaced this deck back to drop dead gorgeous. Our Deck Restoration Painters completed this project in April 2023 #smallkoiponddeck
The Kong Armor 🦍 Deck Restoration Painters apply their special #thickbuild #deckarmor by brush and roller while working with the intent to press and fill in cracks, hairlines, nail and screw entry holes etc. Our coating is far superior to standard thin residential deck paints and stains. Our Application process (encapsulation) is far superior than anything you will recieve from a local painter or handyman.
Notice Anything Special About this deck floor? Well, you are hard pressed to find a open unfilled screw or nail entry hole in the floor. Thats because our Deck Armor Painters took the time to manually press our High-Build , Ultra-Tough, Deck Armor Coating System into the holes to fill them in. Then We added subsequent layers of Armor on top to close them off. If water cannot access your screws/nails, it cant cause rust and create rotten boards. If you understand anything about how hard it is to get quality resurfacing these days your impressed!
Drone Shot of Hebron KY Deck Painters Kong Armor project shows a thickly coated beautiful protected resurfaced and tough deck in green color called mallard duck
Mallard Duck is the Color of this Extremely well Encapsulated and Resurfaced Deck in Hebron KY. You either like green for decks or you don’t. But you cannot deny the beauty of this high-build industrial coating we call Kong Armor!
Undeniable Resurfacing ability, floor screw holes covered, cracks and hairlines covered, The Ultimate in Water-Lock Protection. Kong Armor’s coating technology and the effort our Deck Restoration Painters give to make every deck as protected and as beautiful as possible you wont find anywhere else. WE ARE THE EXCEPTION – WE ARE THE BEST
Florence Kentucky Deck that had a Peeling Deck Paint problem and some rotten boards, Kong Armor Peeling Deck Paint Lockdown Encapsulation saved the owners from Replacement.
picture image of a Thick-Build Kong Armor Lifetime Deck Coating System.  By Deck Painters in Florence KY
Kong Armor is capable of making even the oldest weather worn cracked open, splintering deck boards look virtually new , with a high-build ultra tough beautiful synthetic composite like appearance!
A severely weathered deck that suffered from Rotten Boards. Cracks, splinters, loose fasteners and more. Brought back to Life Via our Lifetime Deck Coating and Deck Rescue Painters.
a visit for deck cleaning and deck repair then a visit for deck armor encapsulation painting and you can have a beautiful deck like this one in Union Kentucky as well. 2 visits your done!
High-Build , High-Grade Elastic Deck Armor, Polymer Fusion makes Kong Armor 30x thicker and tougher than thin residential Deck Paints and Stains. Union, KY Deck Painters
A Dock that we restored and Resurfaced with our Lifetime Deck Coating in or around Brookville Indiana a suburb of Cincinnati Ohio. Notice how Kong has covered nearly every crack and screw hole? Real Protection. Real Value, that should have you hitting the Get Quote Button Now!
picture of a deck painted by Kong Armor Deck Painters in Florence KY.
This was a beautiful patio that the Kong Armor Deck Restoration Painters successfully Resurfaced back to Insanely Tough and Gorgeous in Florence KY
Picture of a deck that has been Encapsulated in The Worlds Toughest Deck Armor Kong Armor , before Kong Armor it had peeling behr deckover.
This deck suffered from Peeling Behr Deck Over, Kong Armor’s Peeling Deck Paint Lockdown Encapsulation via the Deck Rescue Painting Process saved its life. Our customer saved over 15k without question. The peeling was so bad the whole deck would have had to be demolished.
picture of a deck board zoomed close that shows deck stain peeling and curling up and adhesion failing
The Reason you need thick-build Kong Armor is because unlike stain it has powerful #uvblock that deflects damaging UV Rays that make inferior paints and stains loose adhesion and peel.
A Bridgetown Ohio Deck just west of Cincinnati is pictured being coated with Kong Armor
A Kong Armor Deck Restoration Painter works hard to close out the Armor Encapsulation of this Bridgetown Ohio deck west of Cincinnati that suffered from peeling deck paint.
picture of a Union KY deck that has had boards replaced by Kong Armor Deck restoration Painters.
Deck Restoration Painting from Kong Armor includes replacement of bad deck boards , we are skilled in all phases of deck repair and restoration.
A beautiful two color Deck in Burlington ,KY that was painted by Kong Armor deck painters using their lifetime deck armor.
A gorgeous two tone / two color Kong Armor Lifetime Deck Armor system in Burlington KY after year 2 annual deck washing and coating check-up. Available to all customers via our Lifetime Service Promise!
Deck over looking Williamstown lake in Grant County KY that was saved by the thick-build , High Stretch Kong Armor Deck Coating system.
A large Deck overlooking Williamstown Lake that we refinished with Kong Armor.
Erlanger KY deck that suffered from Peeling Deck Paint , and Ugly Deck Syndrome. Brought back to Life by Kong Armor Deck painters
Backyard pool Deck that suffered from ugly deck syndrome , and peeling deck paint. Kong Armor Deck Painters brought it back to life!
Two Tone and Drop Dead Gorgeous. This deck had peeling deck paint before lockdown encapsulation from Kong Armor
The Rough frayed splintered wood of this 20 plus year old deck in Florence KY was short easy work for our Industrial Grade Deck Coating to Resurface and Lockdown. Deck Color: Ocean Pebble
Kong Armor lifetime deck armor system in Lawrenceburg Indiana is pictured with a service plaque on the side of the thickly coated full bodied gorgeous deck.
All Kong Armor systems are given a service plaque that has our name and phone number and web address. We stay with our customers for life. If you sell, potential homebuyers love knowing they can transfer our lifetime service promise into their name , Realtors love our Plaques
A set of deck steps in Crittenden KY that have been Armor encapsulated by the ultra thick , lifetime deck armor coating system Kong Armor in the deck color coffee .
This was a set of deck steps in Crittenden KY that were in horrible shape. They had splinters bad, and peeling behr deckover. Kong Armor and its thick film technology was able to completely rebuild and resurface the deck steps . Locking down the splinters and peeling paint. No sanding no replacement just encapsulation #4life
picture of a deck with peeling behr deckover in Lawrenceburg Indiana that has been restored and encapsulated by Kong Armor deck painters
picture of a deck painted with Kong Armor in Independence KY. the ultra tough deck coating was able to restore and resurface the deck to a beautiful finish that you see here. Another great feature of Kong Armr is it is designed to be around pools. it is designed to shed water quickly.And it's thick build film covers screw and nail entry points preventing them from corroding from water exposure from people entering and exiting the pools
Crescent Springs, KY Deck after annual cleaning and inspection . Still beautiful , still fully protected. SPRING 2022 #DECKPAINTERS
KONG ARMOR ™️ Proprietor Anthony Ford pictured at the completion of a Deck Rescue Painting project in Erlanger KY. Widely considered the nation’s best Deck Painting Contractor.
Before and After Peeling Behr Deck Over Lockdown Encapsulation. No sanding , no chemical peels , just #lockdown by the World’s toughest deck coating. -Kong Armor
Kong Armor is a thick-build unmatched in toughness coating system for new decks as well. It finishes jaw dropping gorgeous. KONG ARMOR DECKS ARE ALWAYS THE BEST LOOKING IN ANY SUBDIVISION. ( HEBRON KY)