Loveland, Ohio decks with Peeling Deck Paint Saved by Encapsulation Coating


Just a disaster ! These two backyard decks had a bad case of peeling Sherwin Williams Superdeck. The video above showcases the before and after of the backyard deck. Below you will see some before and after pictures of the side deck.

Both Decks in decent structural health , but their protective films were just lifting and peeling everywhere.

And that’s typical of what happens to thin residential deck paints and stains in the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky tristate area. Most decks protected with them suffer severe deck paint failure within 12 months. PEELING , CRACKING , BUBBLING , LIFTING!

A picture of the second deck on the property shows severe peeling of the SW Superdeck solid deck paint

There are just far too many external forces that effect tristate decks. Notebook paper thin residential deck paints and stains don’t stand a chance against these forces. So the result is the deck owner ends up looking for a solution to deal with a peeling deck .

Most of them end up embracing some form of replacement after living with the problem for years. AND SPENDING OFTEN TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

The good news is there is a coating system called Kong Armor 🦍 that is professionally applied by its own deck restoration painters , that can encapsulate peeling deck paints and disintegrating stains #4life.

After Deck Restoration Painting and Peeling Deck Paint Lockdown Encapsulation via Kong Armor.

Kong Armor is specifically designed infact to encapsualte and lockdown peeling deck paints without the need for sanding , chemical peels , or other costly removal processes. And it’s ability to do this obviously eliminates the price competition that forces most deck owners into replacement .

The cost of Lockdown Encapsulation with Kong Armor is almost always 1/2 or less the cost of Deck Floor Replacement, or what is called Tear down to the frame rebuild.

It pays for itself day 1 , saving the deck owner massive time , energy , years of frustration, and ultimately big dollars !

Plus they get moved to the tougher industrial grade, super thick and tough Kong Armor Coating system that’s locally backed by its dealership in the tristate for life. They move to the last coating system for their deck they will need.

If you would like to learn more about Peeling Deck Paint Lockdown Encapsulation and see if it’s a viable solution For your deck click the button below.


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