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Why !? Spend a fortune to tear down and rebuild or replace your deck ?!

Every year I get the opportunity to meet with hundreds of Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Tristate deck owners who are on the verge of making a harsh financial decision. ? ?

Many of them believe the only way they will ever be able to have a good looking decent deck again is via replacement . Or tearing it down to the frame and rebuilding.

Their decks look horrible❗! And have something at my company ( KONG ARMOR ™️ ) we call #uglydecksyndrome.

Ugly Deck Syndrome is usually a combination of sun damage ☀️ , water damage ? , peeling deck paint ?, loose screws and nails , frayed and splintered wood, loose boards , rotten boards , and mildew -algae growth -dirt -grime !

It is usually caused by the use of thin residential deck paints or stains that provide zero protection. And non-annual cleaning and maintenance of the deck.

The great news is that in most cases this can be resolved without the drastic measures of replacement or rebuild . And not just for one more season, or till next year. UGLY DECK SYNDROME can be corrected for life ❗UGLY DECKS CAN BE RESTORED ,PROTECTED AND PRESERVED FOR LIFE ❗


We have a insanely special deck armor system that’s high-build and elastic in nature. It’s able to take extremely weathered wood and encapsulate and resurface it.

It’s ability to fill cracks , gaps , voids , lockdown and encapsulate peeling deck paint , frayed wood and splinters is unheard of in the world of deck coatings.

Amazingly tough and up to 30x Thicker than standard thin residential deck paints and stains. Kong Armor engulfs decks and locks them down under thick-build beautiful layers of elastic Armor.

We use it to restore ugly weathered decks in combination with washing and Repair/Restoration. A all-in-one service that takes these decks from ugly to gorgeous and Armor Protected for life.

So #uglydecksyndrome can be completely corrected for deck owners via our proprietary deck armor system , and the #deckrescuepainting process.


The deck rescue painting process with Kong Armor starts with us washing ?the deck extremely well for the deck owner.

Once we have the deck cleaned we can move on to deck restoration / repair. Which is highly valuable for the deck owner.

Normally it’s very hard for a deck owner to get a contractor or someone to replace floor boards and do deck repairs without replacing the whole thing for the sake of profit margins.

At this stage we go 110%. We replace any rotten planks or boards they have . Set down loose screws and nails. Tighten rail systems , add braces , add staircase underside angles and more.

A deck with ugly deck syndrome that’s been washed and repaired , rotten planks replaced . And new Cap rails were installed because of extreme sun damage .

It’s worth noting that during the restoration and repair phase we also work with a special Epoxy filler called #silverbackepoxy . KONG ARMOR ? IS THE WORLDS TOUGHEST DECK ARMOR SYSTEM. It has it’s own special filler . We use it for large cracks , usually in deck post , and in other areas . It cures harder than concrete and completely locks water ? out of large cracks and gaps . Another extreme value to the deck owner.

The post on this deck were inundated with large cracks , #silverbackepoxy fills them and then cures over harder than concrete. It has a psi rating high enough to fight their re-opening. Caulk hopes it can stretch and hold on , SilverBack Epoxy holds cracks closed with strength ? ? #waterlock

Once the DECK RESCUE PAINTING PROCESS resolves the decks filth and disrepair, and uses silverback epoxy to fill extremely large cracks and imperfections. We then move to encapsulation with the Ultra Thick and High Stretch ‘Kong Armor’ LIFETIME DECK ARMOR SYSTEM

And although we use the term deck painting to catch search engine buzz , Kong Armor’s real application process is called #encapsualtion.

We move from the very beginning with this thick build coating ( not a paint – a industrial coating) to smash and press it into the cracks and gaps and nail and screw entry points of a deck. Essientally we are pressing it into every opening in the deck that water can get into. We fill as many of these openings as humanely possible.

The difference between our encapsulation process and deck painting from a local painting contractor is huge. They are acting to simply take a thin paint and apply it to the surface of a deck. With no care whatsoever if they are achieving the filling of the decks cracks and nail and screw entry points. They paint a deck the same way they paint a interior wall. The surface only. And their coatings are thin and weak.

Encapsulation is far superior and is a lot of work . We coat decks every day with a high-build coating that has the power to fill cracks and voids. So we use it to do so. It takes manpower. Because you have to manually press the coating into these areas, once their covered over then in subsquent coats we can layer the surface.

We use Kong Armor to rebuild the surfaces of ugly decks . And when we are done , they are drop dead gorgeous. WOOD ? is extremely versatile and although it may look ugly and weathered. When you have the right coating system you can bring it back to life.

Kong Armor has proven time and time again to be that coating system. Check out some of these transformation photos and judge for yourself.

A picture of a deck in independence Ky with peeling deck paint before and after Peeling deck paint lockdown encapsulation by Kong Armor Deck Painters
A deck that we performed peeling deck paint lockdown encapsulation on in Independence KY. Kong Armor has a special ability to encapsulate peeling deck paints with no sanding or chemical peeling. #lockdown
Here is another shot of the featured image deck of this post. KONG ARMOR ? was able to resurface this extraordinarily weathered and ugly deck and lockdown it’s peeling deck paint no problem.
Lawrenceburg, Indiana was the site of this ugly patio syndrome cure. A small kicker patio we did as part of a larger project. Look how gorgeous Kong Armor’s #thickbuild #industrialgrade film makes this patio look. It almost looks synthetic like composite.
Another #uglydecksyndrome #peelingdeckpaint lockdown. Kong Armor proves in this project photo that it can also lockdown and encapsulate peeling behr deckover and other thick residential deck rescue coatings no problem . This was in Batavia, Ohio
Here will give you one more. Petersburg, Kentucky or Burlington, KY this deck sitting right on the River had several areas of rot , peeling behr deck over and needed major restoration in conjunction with Kong Armor. What we do saves families thousands.


Chances are your wood deck can be saved . I find very few that we cannot save. It does happen from time to time. But remember KONG ARMOR’S INDUSTRIAL GRADE FILM resurfaces and rebuilds like no other deck coating on this planet. Chances are it can bring back your deck .

Once we get it saved the goal from their is to keep it maintained and protected. That’s why we educate you on the power of annual cleaning . Give you a Lifetime Service Promise that you can use with our local dealership to have annual cleaning done if you do not want to do it yourself.

The main advantage of KONG ARMOR is it’s toughness and versatility. It can last for a extremely long time. Yet, if it does take on damage , because it is so thick it can be repaired.

Once on your deck , if we just wash it annually and give it a check up , if it needs a little help somewhere it can be repaired in just a few seconds. It’s designed to last you for life of ownership. As long as you embrace annual cleaning and check-up. You do it yourself or have us do it through your service contract.

Think of the cost savings over the years of not having to paint or stain your deck every 1 to 3 years. It’s huge.

If you embrace annual cleaning will provide you with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

So two unmatched lifetime care programs for KONG ARMOR LIFETIME DECK ARMOR SYSTEM OWNERS.

Lifetime Limited Warranty ?

Lifetime Service Promise ?

Both backed locally right here in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky -SouthEast Indiana by the local Kong Armor dealership.

These programs are unmatched and unheard of. Ask the last guy or company that painted or stained your deck if they will honor their trade and coating for life ? The answer is no.

So over the years the savings are huge , massive.

The upfront savings are absurd. Over the cost of deck replacement or rebuild , the Kong Armor #lifetimedeckarmorsystem is often under 50% of the cost or less.

Think about it this way , if you were to tear down your deck and rebuild it with composite . Our cost for #deckrescuepainting or #deckrestorationpainting is likely 30% of that cost and you would walk with a #lifetimeservicepromise ? and a #lifetimelimitedwarranty ?. Both unmatched by any composite manufacturer or Deck builder ?‍♂️. Period. They won’t match it. We promise. You might get a piece of paper that claims a warranty of some kind. But , it’s not going to be local it’s going to direct you to a 1-800 -get-lost phone number. If you manage to get past that and actually make a claim. It will not cover labor .

We stand behind our labor and coating system. No gimmicks. We have verified local customers who love our deck armor system and love that they didn’t waste several semesters worth of their kids education on deck replacement or rebuilding. Or that they didn’t have to take out a second mortgage to meet the costs.

We calculate that Kong Armor’s total ownership cost with maintenance over 30 years is not even close to the total ownership cost of a rebuild with wood or composite.


If your deck is a little beat up right now , we’re almost certain we can bring you out of that situation with our #deckrescuepainting and #proprietarydeckarmorsystem.

Save you huge chunks of cash ? ?

And stay with you through life of ownership to MAINTAIN protection and a sound gorgeous deck system.

If you read this far into this post , you likely need help.

Lets look at it together, no pressure sales , why don’t you sign up for a free quote. I’ll come out , talk with you about how we can help you get your deck back. Explain our system and it’s abilities and advantages.

Lets see if your deck can be saved !❗ I bet it can!

Here is a link to Kong Armor’s scheduling calender you can use it to pick a day and time to meet with me ( Anthony Ford)……. it’s super easy and takes less than 30 secs to complete. I look at decks all year long. So schedule now ❗


You can also call or text anytime (859)815-0652



  1. Todd Rudnick says:

    How expensive is this?

    1. anthonyford says:

      👋 HI Mr Rudnick ,

      We want to thank you for your interest in our pricing. Everything at Kong Armor is custom. And all the decks we restore and encapsulate in our deck armor need different levels of both restoration and resurfacing.

      So the best way to determine a price or how expensive our coating system would be to apply on your deck system would be to schedule a free quote

      We would love to meet you

      Here is a link to sign up ;

      Also we have a special right now for our email subscribers who sign up this Winter for Spring of 23 . It comes with a substantial savings. To get that offer please sign up for our email list :

      Our prices are always way less than replacement that’s for sure.

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