Our Deck Armor can Encapsulate the peeling Deck paint Rustoleum Restore 10x. Locking it Down For Life!


If you have Peeling Rustoleum Restore 10x or just the regular version of “Restore” on your deck? ‘Kong Armor’ Our Industrial Grade, Insanely Tough, High-Build, High-Stretch, Deck Armor Coating system has a proven track record of encapsulating it and locking it down for good.

Kong Armor was designed specifically for the lockdown encapsulation of Peeling Deck Paints and Disintegrating, flaking, disappearing, stains. Without the need for costly high dollar – high labor preparations like sanding, sand/media blasting, chemical peels etc. that are required of other coatings to remove all the peeling beforehand.

These costly high-labor, high-dollar preps make the process a hassle for most homeowners and contractors. And bring an additional cost to deck resurfacing that makes the investment not worth the return. So, in the end most deck owners with Severe Peeling Paint, and Especially Peeling Restore/ Restore 10x end up embracing tear-down-to frame replacement.

Deck Owners in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Southeast Indiana over the past decade have had a secret weapon and advantage over most of their peers in the same scenario. They have access to Kong Armor which is hands down the best peeling deck paint lockdown encapsulation coating on the planet. But not only that. As well they have had access to Anthony Ford, the Founder and Proprietor of Kong Armor.

Anthony Ford is without a doubt the most experienced Deck Resurfacing Professional in the Nation at the Encapsulation of Peeling Deck Paints. And is deemed by many to be the very Best Deck Rescue Painter or Deck Restoration Painter in the World today. https://anthonyford.info

The World’s Toughest, Most Advanced Deck Encapsulation coating and the World’s Best and most Experienced Peeling Deck Paint Lockdown Encapsulation Contractor, have insured that many deck owners in the Tristate area have avoided Deck Replacement. Kong Armor is Lifetime Deck Armor. Once your deck is Encapsulated with it, It becomes your decks permanent protection.

From that point forward your decks armor protective film is backed locally via:

Lifetime Service Promise

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Kong Armor has a Local Northern Kentucky Dealership that serves the entire Cincinnati area. If you have Peeling Rustoleum Restore 10x or any Peeling Deck Pain/Stain.

It is worth reaching out to Kong Armor to learn about their Peeling Deck Paint LockDown Encapsulation Services. A path to Lifetime Deck Armor! #deckarmor4life 

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Deck Color in video: ” Coffee” from the Kong Armor Midwest Collection of Deck Colors. 23 Plug and Play, tested, safe, and effective deck color choices for those In the Cincinnati -Northern Kentucky Tristate area.

Kong Armor phone: 859-815-0652

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  • picture shows a deck floor with a section of boards removed and its obvious they were rotten because the joist are exposed and they have rot, the area is big but not huge making up about 7 or 8 deck boards in width and length. The purpose is to shpow there was floor board rot and underneath joist rot to the deck

    Rotten Deck Floor and Joists – No Problem for our Deck Rescue Painters!

  • Thumbnail Picture for video "Why you should not wait a year to protect your new deck" the image shows Kong Armor ™ Proprietor Anthony Ford kneeling on a new unprotected Deck with the title of the video across the image

    Why you should not wait a year to protect your new deck!

  • Kong Armor ™️ and it’s Deck Restoration Painters start 2024 by showing off Several existing Lifetime Deck Armor Systems!

  • before and after image of a backyard deck in Union Kentucky. Before it had peeling deck paint and was ugly. After it is supremely protected and drop dead gorgeous thanks to the worlds toughest deck armor - Kong Armor™ and its deck rescue painters who performed peeling deck paint lockdown encapsulation on the structure

    Union Kentucky Deck Painters Save Deck With Peeling Paint


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