Ugly Deck with Peeling Paint in Lebanon, Ohio is Rescue Encapsulated by Kong Armor!



The act of using a #thickbuild #industrialgrade #highstretch #elastic #coating to apply directly over decks with peeling deck paint, disintegrating flaking stains, peeling behr deckover etc.


Kong Armor 🦍 is insanely extraordinary at the ability to do this feat.

In fact, it was designed with the ability to Encapsulate Peeling Deck Paints and Stains and lock them down #4life as it’s main feature.

With film thickness 30x to 50x that of thin residential deck paints and stains it makes easy work of simultaneously Resurfacing decks back to a absurdly tough, gorgeous, high-build synthetic appearance.

Saving Deck Owners From Replacement and thousands of dollars 💸 in the process.

It’s elongation or stretch is considered first-in-class (deck coating) (rescue coating). With the ability to expand up to 300%. And thanks to its Cross-Linked Polymers it can contract or (snap back) virtually limitlessly ❗️This is important ❗️ becuase it #gives ….. it gives your deck boards and planks the room to move they so desperately need without in-turn cracking and then subsequently peeling.

True #waterlock is achieved by driving the high-grade polymer into hairline cracks, cracks, openings, voids and most importantly nail and screw entry holes. BORING HUH🤔……. YOU SHOULD PAY ATTENTION THOUGH. 😏 CHANCES ARE IF YOU HAVE A DECK OR BACKYARD STRUCTURE WITH PEELING PAINT, ROTTEN BOARDS ETC…………

It’s because it’s always been protected with thin residential deck paints and stains and nobody has ever taken the time to actually protect it.

That’s what we’ve trained our #deckrescuepainters #deckrestorationpainters here in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky to do. Actually protect decks❗️

We call this process #encapsulation

The result is #lockdown of peeling deck paint, frayed wood and splinters. And the complete closing off of all of your decks vital water 💧 entry points with a REAL DECK ARMOR. 😳

Giving you a fresh new start with a Industrial Grade Lifetime Coating.

From that point forward 👉 you’ll simply wash your deck once a year, and embrace spot touch up if needed. AND NEVER COMPLETELY PAINT OR STAIN YOUR DECK AGAIN.

THE NEW WAY OF PROTECTING DECKS AND BACKYARD STRUCTURES❗️no more completely painting or refinishing your deck or waiting till it completely rots away every few years…… thats the old way… thats the scam ( it’s big big money 💰)

Of course will stay with you for the entire life of your ownership of the Kong Armor #deckarmor system and provide locally backed service, and support 😀 #lifetimeservicepromise

We’re so confident that Kong Armor can encapsulate and lockdown your decks peeling paint , resurface it back to absurdly tough and gorgeous, and be a viable protective coating for your deck for life of ownership, that will back it locally for life❗️ LABOR AND COATING …..


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