Kong Armor Deck Rescue Painters Transform West Chester, Ohio Deck with Extreme Weathering!


We came in to West Chester, Ohio – Liberty Township and delivered a spectacular Deck Rescue Painting transformation via our insanely thick and tough Deck Armor.

This deck had fastener ( nail and screw) corrosion , tons of cracks and hairline cracks , rotten boards , loose wobbly rails , and a band board that had shrunk and was starting to separate.

Here are some pictures of the deck before we came in and started Deck Rescue Painting :

So why did we consider this a rescue situation? Well , two reasons! One the floor had moderate fastener corrosion , and had several bad boards. You could have made a case for replacement. Secondly, the decks band board as pictured above was shrinking and becoming disconnected. So with all that in mind , someone could have made the case for a tear-down-to frame rebuild and re-start. Believe me there are a great deal of good salesman that could have made the case.

Our job was to save them from experiencing that situation.

We came in washed the system. Then went to work right away replacing bad boards , around 5 or 6 total. From there we brought in our Industrial grade filler Silverback Epoxy and used it to fill in large cracks and voids, knots etc.

After that, we teamed up with Simpson Strong tie , a deck brace manufacturer and brought in over 20 braces to add to the wobbly rail system. Additionally we used two large 90 degree corner Braces with very thick gauge to cover the gap in the shrinking band board on both corners of the deck. These were heavy duty braces that covered the gap plus re-fortified the connection and corners of the deck.

From there, we had a clean and sound deck system fully repaired. That’s when we brought in the Ultra-Thick , Absurdly Tough , High-Stretch , Kong Armor Lifetime Deck Armor System and used it to completely resurface the weathered deck.

Utilizing our special application process called “Encapsulation” we took brushes and rollers and manually pressed the industrial deck coating into cracks and nail and screw entry holes. Completely filling them in and over. We built high and tough to cover Splinters and frayed wood.

Nothing Resurfaces weathered decks like Kong Armor!

If you live in the Northern Kentucky , Cincinnati, Tristate area we would like to invite you to sign up for a free quote ! Regardless of your decks condition, we have a solution to take it from it’s current condition to fully restored and Armor Encapsulated in the toughest most advanced deck coating available today – Kong Armor.


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