Kong Armor ™️ and it’s Deck Restoration Painters start 2024 by showing off Several existing Lifetime Deck Armor Systems!


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This year at Kong Armor we have come out the gate swinging! By taking a bold step and serving our existing Lifetime Deck Armor system owners before embracing the application of new systems. Which we are positive no other Deck Resurfacing – Deck Painting – Deck Refinishing Company has ever done on this scale. Right out the gate as soon as the weather in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky showed just a little hint of Spring, we went to work washing and providing care to our existing Customers Decks!

This has led to a powerful display of Proof that Kong Armor ™ is a reliable and trusted Deck Coating System Provider, that are Deck- Coating -As -A- Service with locally backed Service, Support, and Warranty for Life is the best path forward for to keep any deck or outdoor structure maintained, gorgeous, and fully protected for life! And that Kong 🦍 really is ” THE WORLD’S TOUGHGEST DECK ARMOR” “LIFETIME DECK ARMOR”

Kong Armor ™ Proprietor Anthony Ford shows a 3rd year existing Lifetime Deck Armor System that just completed annual cleaning in Walton, KY in March of 2024! The Coating system needed no additional care after Cleaning!

Kong Armor ™ Lifetime Deck Armor System owners have a very special advantage that allows them to keep a beautiful and supremely protected deck at all times without having to completely paint or stain their structures every couple of years. It’s called the “Lifetime Service Promise”. We provide them with full service annual cleaning and care for their coating system.

Kong Armor ™ as a coating has a huge benefit. It’s industrial Grade, High-Build, High-Stretch, Ultra-Tough Formula is 30x to 60x Thicker than thin residential deck paints and stains, and unmeasurably Tougher! As long as it is washed once per annum, any small touch-ups completed (normal care), it has the ability to provide indefinite protection for decks. That has been on full-display this Spring as we showed several video post of existing systems coming out of cleaning with little to no additional care needed.

A Erlanger, KY Kong Armor Lifetime Deck Armor System going into its 2nd year of existence was cleaned and needed a 5 min touch-up. Full Care was provided by Kong Armor and its Deck Restoration Painters via the Customers “Lifetime Service Promise

In total Kong Armor ™ has already provided Cleaning and Service to 6 Existing Customers this Spring via our Lifetime Service Promise. Will go on and provide Annual Cleaning and Touch-Up if needed to an estimated 144 additional Existing System Owners in 2024! Something that we are positive no other Deck Painters – Deck Coating Provider – or really Deck Product in general can match from a local level. It’s unparalleled and uncharted territory! It’s never been done before! We keep saying that every year! Because Every year more and more Cincinnati – Northern Kentucky Deck owners leave behind thin residential deck paints and stains, and switch to our Lifetime Deck Armor System!

A Existing Milford, Ohio Kong Armor ™ Lifetime Deck Armor system was cleaned in March of 2024 and needed no additional coating care or maintenance.

At the end of the day it’s Kong Armor’s existing Deck Armor System owners that are the Life blood of our Business. They are the ones that “feed the beast” so to speak. We need them! This whole thing does not work without them! And We are more than honored to have been able to jump right to providing them with Cleaning and Service this Spring ahead of everything else! That’s the way it should be! At Kong Armor ™ we are building something different, we are building a better solution, a superior solution to protecting decks and backyard structures!

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