Peeling Deck Paint Encapsulation | Deck Rescue Painters | Centerville, OH | It’s Her Style Now! |

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Centerville, Ohio Deck with peeling red paint and severely weathered wood is encapsulated and locked down via Deck Rescue Painters of Kong Armor ™ Lifetime Deck Armor - Must See!

Kong Armor and its Deck Rescue Painters take on Collapsing Dilapidated Deck in Carroll County, KY (Updated July 9th)

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Kong Armor the World's Toughest Deck Armor and it's Deck Rescue Painters take on the Restoration and Resurfacing of Collapsing Dilapidated Carroll County, KY Deck.
image displays a before and after of a deck that previously had peeling flaking stain in dark brown and it was dirty pictured on the left, afterwards its all cleaned up and has afresh new surface and a beautiful bright brown coating that seems to have encapsualted the old one pictured one the left.

Morrow, Ohio Deck Painters save deck with flaking stain via Encapsulation

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Kong Armor and its Deck Rescue Painters use their thick-build, absurdly tough deck armor to encapsulate and lockdown peeling flaking deck stain on a Morrow, Ohio Deck! Rescuing it

Deck in Bethel, Ohio is rescued from peeling paint via Lockdown Encapsulation from Kong Armor ™

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Deck In Bethel Ohio with Peeling Deck Paint is LockDown Encapsulated via the World's Toughest Deck Armor -Kong Armor ™ and its Deck Rescue Painters
picture shows a deck floor with a section of boards removed and its obvious they were rotten because the joist are exposed and they have rot, the area is big but not huge making up about 7 or 8 deck boards in width and length. The purpose is to shpow there was floor board rot and underneath joist rot to the deck

Rotten Deck Floor and Joists – No Problem for our Deck Rescue Painters!

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Shade effects decks dramatically. I’ve learned this over the years. Especially decks that have reactive deck screws or nails…. meaning they will rust if exposed to moisture constantly. Shade cast
Thumbnail Picture for video "Why you should not wait a year to protect your new deck" the image shows Kong Armor ™ Proprietor Anthony Ford kneeling on a new unprotected Deck with the title of the video across the image

Why you should not wait a year to protect your new deck!

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Most Deck Builders and other Professionals will tell you to wait 6 months to a Year before protecting your newly built wood deck. The reasons for this is to allow

Kong Armor ™️ and it’s Deck Restoration Painters start 2024 by showing off Several existing Lifetime Deck Armor Systems!

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This year at Kong Armor we have come out the gate swinging! By taking a bold step and serving our existing Lifetime Deck Armor system owners before embracing the application
before and after image of a backyard deck in Union Kentucky. Before it had peeling deck paint and was ugly. After it is supremely protected and drop dead gorgeous thanks to the worlds toughest deck armor - Kong Armor™ and its deck rescue painters who performed peeling deck paint lockdown encapsulation on the structure

Union Kentucky Deck Painters Save Deck With Peeling Paint

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A Deck in Union, KY had a severe case of Peeling Deck Paint and #uglydeck syndrome! It does not anymore❗ The #thickbuild #insanelyadhesive #ultratough #highstretch Kong Armor ™ has saved
before and after image of a deck that did have peeling behr deck over and after is beautifully resurfaced in Kong Armor ™

Cincinnati Deck with Peeling Behr Deck Over Is Rescue Resurfaced by Kong Armor ™

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Peeling Behr Deck Over on Cincinnati Deck Rescue Resurfaced - NO SANDING- MUST SEE👀

Keeping Kids Safe from Weathered Decks: Kong Armor’s Splinter-Lock Technology!

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Kong Armor's ™️ Splinter-Lock Technology for decks is a favorite feature of Parents and Grandparents in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.