Taylor Mill, Kentucky Deck Painters Restore Old Weathered Deck and Lockdown its Peeling Behr DeckOver


It’s been done again .

Once again! Kong Armor ™️ 🦍  , the World’s Toughest Most Advanced Deck Armor Coating System , and it’s very own Deck Rescue Painters , have locked down and encapsulated a Northern Kentucky Deck system with Peeling Behr Deck Over.

This deck had numerous health problems . But was inline with most deck systems of its age that we find in the Northern Kentucky Cincinnati area.

Obviously as the title states it had Peeling Behr DeckOver. In addition it needed over 19 boards for repalcement and repair.  It needed new sections of lattice , rails tightened,  loose nails and screws set down and more.

When originally found it had a good deal of dirt and grime build up , and it’s wooden planks were weathered , cracking , had minor splintering and fraying, and sun damage.   

None of the the problems it had however were any match for the Kong Armor ™️ #lifetimedeckarmor system. We just simply used our #deckrescuepainting process that pairs cleaning , major repair , and deck armor encapsulation all-in-one service.

This saved the customers from having to hire multiple contractors to get the deck restored and protected.  Additionally with Kong Armor’s #peelingdeckpaint #lockdown #encapsulation ability , it saved the owner from replacement if we are being honest.

Kong Armor 🦍  a premuim high-grade , high-stretch proprietary elastic deck armor is a deck rescue coating (but not only a rescue coating) that can easily bridge gaps , fill in cracks,  hairlines,  knots , voids,  imperfections and most importantly lockdown peeling deck paint . Or in this case Peeling Behr DeckOver.

Insane adhesion , with film thickness up to 30x that of thin residential deck paints and stains , Kong can be applied directly over properly prepared peeling deck paints to lock them down for good. It’s so thick and tough they are never coming back up. It engulfs everything.

Kong Armor resurfaces decks that are old and weathered and brings them roaring back to life , leaving them with a tough industrial grade film protection. It creates drop dead gorgeous deck systems. And the level of protection is above and beyond anything most decks have ever seen.

If you would like to get your deck back from Peeling Behr DeckOver or any Peeling deck paint without hours of sanding , messing with chemical peels , or paying a deck builder tens of thousands of dollars to tear down and rebuild. KONG ARMOR ™️  would like to offer you a free quotation. Just click the button below.


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