Kong Armor ™️ Readies to Lockdown and Encapsulate Aurora , Indiana Deck with Peeling Paint.


Kong Armor 🦍 Founder and Proprietor Anthony Ford goes over the #doublewhitedeck project. A Peeling Deck Paint Lockdown Encapsulation | Deck Rescue Painting Project in Aurora, IN


We get the opportunity to help this deck owner avoid floor replacement with the amazing encapsualtion power 🔋 of Kong Armor ™️.

There will be immense savings here , likely 25-30k over the cost of contractor based replacement with Composite. Plus the deck owner will walk with a better warranty , local continual service and support . Regeneration ability , and tons of other features.

I’ll post a completion video onto the YouTube Channel and then drop it onto a blog post on the site and share it to everyone, as soon as its uploaded.

If you have peeling deck paints , or peeling behr deckover etc. This project right here should really open your eyes 👀 to the value Kong Armor can deliver to you. So stay tuned❗️🙉

Here are some helpful links to help you understand more about what we are doing here :

Peeling Deck Paint Lockdown Encapsulation

Deck Rescue Painting

One last note, at completion this deck system will be what we call a #hybriddeck . It will have a Kong Armor coated floor and structure , with vinyl rails. Other #hybriddeck combinations are Kong/ composite | Kong / Aluminum | Kong / steel there are tons of different scenarios. We don’t always end up coating the whole deck systems , often Kong is being brought in to work in conjunction with another surface , substrate , material that we are not coating.

Our job here is simple resolve the peeling deck paint problem on the floor , band boards , steps , posts and resurface those areas to insanely tough and water-locked , and make the end results drop dead gorgeous.

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