Kong Armor ™️ Deck Rescue Painting saves Loveland, Ohio Deck from replacement❗️20k plus in savings 💸


It never gets old helping tristate families hold onto their savings and hard earned money via Kong Armor ™️ Deck Rescue Painting

Look we named this project the #sunkinfloordeck . Because it had a large area of the floor that had become rotten , both floor boards and sections of joist.

Also it had Peeling Behr Deck Over ❗️

So with having to sand and or chemical peel all that off , plus replace a large section of the floor and joist , most contractors to avoid that high labor would just specify full tear down to frame and rebuild.

The #sunkinfloordeck before #deckrescuepainting via Kong Armor !

At Kong Armor , our thick-build deck armor is capable of bringing these decks back to life ! We do not need to embrace sanding and high labor practices because Kong has encapsulation powers. It can absolutely resurface and lock-down peeling deck paints without the need for any sanding or other costly removal processes.

So having that advantage gives us extra labor that we can use for repair and restoration on decks without hurting our bottom line. It gives us the ability to do what I call {exact repair} or {exact replacement] . We can repair or replace exactly what needs to be repaired or replaced on a deck or outdoor structure , and salvage anything that does not . Again , most contractors in the face of all this will elect for full replacement. This is hugely beneficial for the owner because the savings from not having to completely tear down and rebuild is massive.

Only the exact area of the deck floor that was bad and rotten was ripped out , and replaced /restored with brand new premium severe weather pressure treated planks .

Once we were are able to get the #sunkinfloordeck repaired and sound , We brought in the Kong Armor #lifetimedeckarmor system and performed #lockdown #encapsualtiononon the whole deck!

The results are stunning because Kong is so thick and gorgeous , and its resurfacing value is massive . It fills in almost all nail and screw holes , cracks , gaps, voids, Imperfections and of course locks down and encapsulates the peeling deck paint with ease. Leaving the Deck with a high-build synthetic appearance that is unmatched anywhere.

And it’s ultra ultra tough. The toughest deck coating available on the market today! We back it for Life locally via Lifetime Limited Warranty and a Lifetime Service promise !

The finished Deck Rescue Painting project! The decks is now protected with the high-build , absurdly tough lifetime deck armor system -Kong Armor – your hard pressed to find a exposed crack , nail or screw entry hole , or gap! True protection not thin residential junk!

Deck Replacement or tear down and rebuild is not necessary in over 80% or more of the times it is specified by Contractors. The truth is Wood is extremely versatile and can last for over a 100 years if cared for and protected properly. Even with extreme abuse and weather exposure it can have decades upon decades of life.

Instead what’s needed typically is a contractor or a company with the resources , tools , knowledge , and labor ability to Wash , Repair , Coat . For this to be cost beneficial it needs to be done all-in-one shot.

And that is what Deck Rescue Painting from Kong Armor is, a All-in-One solution to bring ugly , weathered , dilapidated decks back from the verge of tear down and replacement. And when its performed correctly the savings are massive for the customer !

You have to consider for example this customer likely just saved about 20k over full tear down and rebuild. That is upfront savings! Now remember Kong Armor is a Lifetime Deck Armor system. So this customer should never need to completely repaint or stain their deck ever again. Imagine how that adds up over the life of ownership.

The Savings of Deck Rescue Painting from Kong Armor may be one of the best values in existence for deck and outdoor structure owners available today!

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