Independence, Kentucky Deck with peeling deck paint is saved from Replacement By Kong Armor ®


So this was a deck that upon quotation, I found had already had a good section of the deck floor replaced recently. And I could tell this had either been a financial burden or a labor burden on the customer. Or possibly both!

They were very concerned about replacing the rest of the older boards on the deck floor. The idea of Kong Armor ® being able to encapsulate and lockdown the decks peeling deck paint and old weathered wood , seemed a pleasing thought to the customer. But from my end I could feel the doubt and hesitancy of the client. I sensed they had fear of wasting their money on a solution that would not work. Then having to turn around and still face the burden of replacement anyways. It’s actually a common feeling that I catch from clients on quotations from time to time. And rightfully so , Kong Armor’s abilities to resurface and lockdown decks that are extremely weathered and inundated with peeling deck paint are extraordinary. I sometimes still to this day do not believe some of the amazing Rescues and Transformations we pull off .

Independence, Kentucky backyard deck before deck painting and peeling deck paint lockdown by Kong Armor Deck Rescue Painters
The Independence KY Deck had already had close to half of its deck floor replaced. Clearly this was burdensome for the customer , because they desperately wanted to save the remaining section.

This hesitancy is one of the reasons I spend so much time writing blog post , making videos , writing informational articles.

The truth is Kong Armor ® when used properly can bring even the most dilapidated decks back to life, NO PROBLEM! It’s what it was designed to do. Let’s talk about the features of Kong Armor ® that makes it so great at bringing these structures back to life.

we have zero doubts that our small batch produced deck coating is far superior to any deck paint or stain in existence.

Firstly, Kong Armor is extremely incredible at resurfacing. And I do not mean just simple putting lipstick on a pig. There exist tons of high-build coatings that can make ugly decks look decent again. That is not a amazing feat in and of itself.

It’s a combination of a very high end ( first-in-class) across the board elastomer and the way it’s applied that makes Kong’s resurfacing ability special. We drive it manually into cracks and hairlines , and nail / screw holes.

This manual driving of the coating , or pressing and working with it via brush and roller to get it into and to cover over these surface openings and imperfections is vital. It’s what you don’t get from local painters and tradesman that you may hire to paint or stain your deck. We call it #encapsulation, and it is far superior to standard deck painting or refinishing applications that simply lay thin residential paint or stain on the surface.

So essientally the Professional application <ONLY >from guys that work with the coating day in and day out and understand the importance of #encapsulation to preserve decks and create the ultimate in Water-lock is extremely important. And should be a huge consideration for anyone thinking 🤔 or contemplating purchasing our Lifetime Deck Armor system.

This works in tandem with the coatings natural ability to #buildhigh and #bridgegaps. Kong’s #thickfilm technology makes short work of Locking Down peeling deck paints , disintegrating stains , frayed wood , splinters. AND BECAUSE OF IT’S INSANE ADHESION VALUES – NO SANDING IS REQUIRED-…. THATS SPECIAL❗️

So its professional Application paired with the Deck Armor’s technology that makes Kong Armor the perfect Deck Resurfacing Coating! Let’s take a look at how this deck Looked After Encapsulation:

Simply Gorgeous , High build , and your very hard pressed to find a opening anywhere for water to enter! True Encapsulation and Lockdown !

Clearly when you look at the completed Deck after encapsulation above , the results are miles above anything you would get from a local painter or handy man, or any deck refinishing contractor with a inferior thin residential deck paint or stain!

So , no more peeling deck paint! No more screw head holes open to water ! No more frayed wood or splinters! A complete fresh brand new fresh surface that gorgeous high-build , absurdly tough, and ready to take on life. The customer at completion was extremely happy they ended up believing in the resurfacing power of Kong Armor.

If you have a deck with Ugly Deck Syndrome , Peeling Deck Paint , Peeling Behr Deck Over , Disintegrating Stain , Rotten Boards , Loose Fasteners , Mildew , Algae , Mold , Sum Damage etc, we can help you bring your deck roaring back to life ! Backed Locally via Lifetime Limited Warranty , Lifetime Service Promise ! Click the Link below to begin your journey to A newly resurfaced , and Armor Encapsulated Deck !

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