What Colors does Kong Armor come in?


Kong Armor #lifetimedeckarmor comes in any color imaginable. We have no limitations on color. What does this mean? We will present you with 20 Kong Armor brand colors. However if you cannot find one that you like , you can choose any color from any national paint manufacturer. Also you can provide a half dollar size sample of a color you want us too match.

Unlike most specialty coating systems that are limited to 10 or 12 colors. We have worked extremely hard to keep our system free to be tinted to match any color . This is another reason you should choose us to restore and coat your deck.

Also you have the advantage with us in the fact that we restore and coat decks bare minimum over 150 times annually here in the tri-state. This means we know what colors are hot locally , and we know deck colors that will work well in almost any backyard in America. So will help you with non – aggressive advice on color if you need help.  Will also provide you with lots of color tools that will easily help you come to a color decision. Were good at this. It’s what we do!