Insect Control ™️ (formerly #insectkill) from Kong Armor ®️ Lifetime Deck Armor is an optional feature that can decrease spiders, bees, and insect abilities to nest on or in your structure.

It also decreases the chances of you or your children, grandchildren, and guests getting stung or bitten while enjoying your deck and backyard life.

An insecticide additive that’s completely natural and absolutely harmless to humans is added to our Thick-build, industrial grade, deck armor. This insecticide is designed to kill any insect or spider that walks on your deck or structures surface for longer than 1 hour.

With most bees, spiders being dispatched within 1 to 2 hours of exposure.

This means that Insect Control ™️ is designed to kill the nuisance bees, wasps, and spiders that will be most likely to sting or bite you or a loved one. The ones that nest are most often the source of a sting or bite.

And at Kong Armor ®️ we exclusively resurface and restore decks. So we know where these guys like to build nests, webs, and hang out. Inbetween your spindles up under your decks cap rails. Out of the sun. They also will hide between boards and other areas. We know about all these areas. Because we deal with them constantly. AND GET BIITEN/STUNG SEVERAL TIMES EVERY YEAR.

We can apply Insect Control ™️ in these common areas selectively or throughout the whole system. Again, this is an optional feature that must be requested. It does not come standard. So if you have interest in Insect Control™️ make sure to tell us at quotation. Which you can sign up for here :

Every Year In the United States, nearly 1 million people are treated in emergency rooms for anaphylaxis shock and other serious reactions from insect stings and bites. Ultimately, around 100 of them lose their lives.

This is tragic. And if we can save one of our customers or their children from serious injury or far worse by offering a completely harmless for humans insecticide additive. We want to do that for sure.

It’s our hope that all of our customers and their families 👪 stay safe this spring, summer, fall in the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky area and parts of Central KY that we serve. We want everyone to enjoy #decklife and #backyardlife. Remember to get have an emergency epi-pen in case someone does have an allergic reaction to insect or spider bite. And ensure that you have educated yourself and your family on how to properly use it and when to properly use it. (NOT health advise) (we are not doctors)

If you live in the Northern Kentucky – Cincinnati- SouthEast Indiana Area or Central KY and would like a quote for The World’s Toughest Deck Armor. Kong Armor ®️ Lifetime Deck Armor ™️ Please click the Get Quote Button Below or call us at 859-815-0652

Here is another video for you to watch to learn more about Kong Armor ®️ Lifetime Deck Armor ™️ and our Deck Armor Encapsualtion Process:


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